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Skyesville Past & Present: A Walking Tour

Greenberg Firehouse Building, Sykesville, Maryland

Firehouse Building

Location: The Firehouse Building is located at 7543 Main Street, Sykesville, Maryland 21784.

Availability: The Firehouse Building is currently fully leased. Inquiries are invited for notification of future availibility. A single floor or two floors (the entire building) can be leased when available. For current information about availability call Bruce Greenberg at 703-461-6991 or e-mail

Facilities: Each of the two floors has approximately 2369 square feet of space and each floor has its own energy-efficient central air conditioning. Electricity is separately metered for each floor and billed to each tenant. The building is well insulated and has efficient, comfortable, low-cost oil heat. Each floor tenant pays half of the heating and water bills.

The building is very well maintained. The building is constructed from concrete block and has extra heavy steel beams supporting the second floor. Formstone was used to decorate the front facade.

Firehouse First Floor

The first floor has a large open area, three offices, a kitchen and a storage area. The walls have been recently painted and the carpet is in excellent condition. There are two bathrooms, including one ADA handicap accessible bathroom. The building is handicap accessible.

Firehouse Second Floor

The second floor opens to a large, public parking lot in the rear with two at grade doors. The second floor meets ADA access requirements and has been approved for state licensed child care.

The Firehouse was constructed in 1948 by the Sykesville Volunteer Fire Department . It was their fourth home. It represented a major fund-raising and building project by the entire community and was the first Sykesville firehouse built specifically as a fire house. The second floor was designed to provide a community events facility with a commercial kitchen. In 1984, the Fire Department sold the building to Greenberg Properties after building a new, much larger facility on Route 32.

Firehouse in 1995 before door replacement
January 1995 with 24' door in place. This is probably the general 1948 facade with a possible updating of the door.

In 1995, Greenberg removed the 24 foot-wide front overhead door and replaced it with show room windows and a double front door. A Baltimore formstone craftsman was hired to decorate the new section of the front facade with matching formstone.

Firehouse in 1995 with last coat of paint
March 1995. 24' door removed and replaced with two showroom windows and double front door.
Baltimore formstone craftsman created stucco to match the original stucco.

The detailed history of the building is included in Sykesville Past and Present. The Greenberg Firehouse Building is located at the heart of the Sykesville Historic District.


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