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Skyesville Past & Present: A Walking Tour

Greenberg Classic Building, Sykesville, Maryland

Greenberg Building

Location: The Greenberg Building is located at 7566 Main Street, Sykesville, Maryland 21784.

Availability: The Greenberg Building is currently fully leased. Inquiries are invited for notification of future availibility. The building has three floors, each floor subdivided into office suites. The lease term for each suite is one year or more.
For information about current or future availability call Bruce Greenberg at 703-461-6991 or e-mail

Facilities: Each floor has its own energy-efficient central air conditioning. Rent includes all utilities. The building is well insulated and has efficient, comfortable, low-cost oil heat. Ample free parking is available behind the Greenberg Building on a well-maintained public lot. The building is well maintained and has a fire alarm system. High speed internet is available from Comcast.

Floor Plans:

Greenberg Bldg First Floor

Greenberg Bldg Floor Two

Greenberg Bldg Floor Three

Greenberg Suite 301 floor plan   Greenberg Suite 301 interior view

Sample Office Suite: Office suite 301 consists of two rooms on the 3rd floor with large windows overlooking the town. The room sizes are 15.5' x 14.9', 8.7' x 12'.

Born as the Arcade Building , this historic building was constructed in 1909/1910. It was designed and built by J. H. Fowble for Wade H. D. Warfield. Fowble's design for the Arcade Building included a Roman brick front facade and was built in the then popular style of a business arcade building with a wide, central walkway with two-story openings at each end, a three-story atrium with skylight, and 15' high interior showroom windows facing the wide center corridor. It was the predecessor to our malls.

Greenberg Building 19431909-1950?     Greenberg Building 19631950-1968    

Over it's century-plus life it has had five different front facades and two paint schemes. In 1973 the building was extensively modernized with a then contemporary front facade, air conditioning, modern plumbing and electrical systems. In 1998, Greenberg Properties restored the building front facade to its original 1909 design.

Greenberg Building 19731968-1973     Greenberg Building 19881973-1989    

J. H. Fowble's contribution to Sykesville's architectural heritage is impressive. He designed and built the former Sykesville Bank at 7564 Main Street, the Warfield Building at 7560 Main Street (adjacent to the Greenfield Building), the Townhouse at 7547 Main Street, and the Bed and Breakfast at 7514 Norwood Avenue.

Greenberg Building1989-1998

The detailed history of the building is included in Sykesville Past and Present. The Greenberg Building is located in the heart of the Sykesville Historic District.


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